Alexandros Angelopoulos

Alexandros N. Aggelopoulos was born in 1972 in Athens. He studied Business Management at Boston University, and obtained his degree in 1995. In 1998, he obtained an MA in International Management from Boston College.

His investment in his education and dedication to his family tradition for the tourism industry, has been the springboard for his subsequent successful professional career.

Distinctions and participation in organizations:
- Honorary consul of Ukraine for the Peloponnese and a pioneer in developing Greek tourism in Eastern European countries, which today are an important point of origin for tourists visiting Greece.
- Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Environmental Policy Committee of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.
- Chairman of the Task Force on Ideas and Action (SID) (2004-2007) of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises and a member for the past 10 years.

As an Executive Director of the Aldemar Group, Alexandros N. Aggelopoulos has worked within the family business since 1995, proudly carrying on the vision of Aldemar’s founder and Managing Director, Dr. Nikolaos Aggelopoulos.

The Aldemar Group has a decisive presence in 3 strategic destinations (Crete, Rhodos and Olympia) and has achieved high profile recognition in the domestic and international markets. Among other things, in 2008 the Aldemar Group was singled out as one of the top 20 companies in the country distinguished for their excellent working conditions (Best Work Places), whilst a cornerstone of Aldemar’s corporate activity has been the pioneering Mare Verde Corporate Social Responsibility program, which has been active in the tourism industry since 2000.

Seeing the development of the Greek tourism industry as a personal challenge, Alexandros Aggelopoulos continues to support the country’s promotion policies in extremely demanding times, through innovative promotional campaigns and pioneering cooperative action, which aim to put Greece back on the world tourist map as a prime destination.

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