Vivian Efthimiopoulou

Vivian Efthimiopoulou was born in 1970 and studied Archaeology and History of Arts.

She is a PR consultant, specializing in the communication management of large scale cultural events (Athens Biennale, Venice Biennale (Greek participation), Cultural Year of Greece in China, Opening of the New Acropolis Museum) and gourmet products (wine and coffee) and a new media strategist and consultant for major companies of the PR business (Civitas-Ketchum).

In 2005 she started a food blog, writing about food, its history and culture under the nickname "Athenaeus" ( the author of the Deipnosophists). Within months, this blog became one of the most visited ones in the Greek blogosphere, in 2007 the blog turned into a book and since then Vivian is a regular columnist in magazines and newspapers ("Gastronomos" of Kathimerini Daily, Umami, LIFO Magazine).

In 2010 teamed with Panas Group (leading force in restaurant and entairtainment business) to create " - Panem et Circenses" an e-magazine for Gastronomy, Arts and Lifestyle.

Follow her on twitter and her blog (Vivian blogs and tweets in Greek)

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