Meredith Pillon

A travel and tourism executive and public relations specialist, Meredith Pillon has directed successful marketing campaigns for more than 20 destinations including Greece, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands and many others. As an executive vice president at three of the countryĀ¢s leading international advertising and PR agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi and Ted Bates, Meredith headed up their travel and tourism practices. After founding her agency, she ran a hugely successful campaign for SpainĀ¢s tourism for seven years that saw American arrivals increase 10 percent annually. Over eight years, she directed the team that changed perceptions about Puerto Rico from “West Side Story” to “Shining Star of the Caribbean” and successfully positioned Singapore as a world tourism capital and cruise hub. Last year, she was part of the crisis communications team that advised Mexico on its drug-trafficking violence.

Meredith has had a long love affair with Greece. Having visited Greece 80 times, she has sailed to some 35 Greek islands and traveled from Kavala to Kalamata. For 15 years, at three different agencies, Meredith directed image, lifestyle and crisis communications campaigns for GreeceĀ¢s tourism securing millions of dollars of positive media coverage. In 1998 and 1999, she conducted a “recovery” campaign after the Kosovo crisis, while boosting awareness for GreeceĀ¢s modernization in preparation for the 2004 Olympics.

Meredith enjoys good food and wine. She loves to cook and once spent eight hours trying to recreate the wild herb and corn meal pita of the good ladies from Metsovo.

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