George Kalostos

George Kalostos

As a business consultant for more than 20 years, Mr. Kalostos has been involved in many projects around the globe in all fields of project management, business and marketing planning, sales and trade development networks for Small and Medium Enterprises, management of international cooperation and the establishment of joint ventures, international trade activities and the organizing-promotion of major business events. As an avid traveller to a large part of the world including Europe, Asia and the USA, he was involved in many assignments including work in EU Phare and EU Tacis projects in Russia and CIS countries acquiring a hands-on experience and good knowledge of trade policies and export promotion procedures.

He completed his BBA degree at Rutgers State University in Newark, NJ and his MBA degree at Wagner College in Staten Island NY.

At present, he is the Director-Program Coordinator of the Centre for Business and Technological Development (KETA) in the South-Eastern Region which consist of the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands.

The KETA provides technical support and training, consolidates, processes and disseminates business information regarding the EU and National funding programs, encourages business start-ups, promotes innovation in products, services and business procedures and supports the application of new technologies in communication and energy use as well as the development of export activities through organized trade missions and trade fairs.

The AEGEAN CUISINE is the most recent project which is in process in close cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce of the Cyclades and Dodecanese. Aegean Cuisine aims to inform and embrace both visitors and locals, and home cooks and food and beverage professionals about the wide variety of foods and wines that have always been part of the region. Aegean Cuisine is both an outreach program and an educational endeavour aimed at making the culinary riches of the islands known to a wide audience. Under the programĀ¢s auspices, among other things, a well-known food writer has written a cookbook (in both English and Greek) that showcases local products and dishes and a website offers a great source of information for anyone travelling to the Cyclades or Dodecanese and interested in learning about both places and foods. Currently, under the auspices of Aegean Cuisine, a network of authentic local restaurants is being established.

The Aegean is home to some of the most unusual, delicious foods and confections in Greece, yet few visitors encounter these treats in a broad or insightful way. Aegean Cuisine hopes to address that and change it.

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