Dimitris Roussounelos

Dimitris Rousounelos was born in Mykonos in 1957. He studied Business Administration at University of Piraeus. He was a founder and member of the editorial board of the newspaper "ƌykoniatiki" (1988-2001). His books: "Mykonos Cooking - Mosaic of Culture" (2001) and "Tastes of sacrifice - the pig feast on Mykonos" (english 2004), are published by Indiktos.

Since 1983 he works in Matoyianni of Mykonos, where he has set up the Scala Gallery. There, except in works of art and jewelry, in recent years along with his wife Fratzeska Hanioti they develop a range of activities, seminars, screenings, lectures on the subject of art in its broadest sense that includes visual arts, cinema, gastronomy, architecture, etc.

He is an amateur grower and winemaker, an active member of the Amateur Wine and Oil Producers of Mykonos, and he has participated as a speaker at many events of gastronomic interest.

He is a food blogger since 2006 karvouna.wordpress.com and olastakarvouna.blogspot.com where he publicly states points and culinary concerns. He has published several articles in newspapers and magazines, and has participated in special interest television broadcasts of view of Mykonos and its gastronomy.

He loves the land and sea products, group cooking, cuisine of traditional events such as the pig festivals, cooking of the group, combined with fun and discussion, taking up the thread of the gastronomic culture of the ancient symposia to today.

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