Christos Doumas

Emeritus Professor of Archaeology at the University of Athens where he taught Aegean Archaeology from 1980 to 2000. From 1960 t0 1980 he had a successful career in the Greek Archaeological service as curator of antiquities in Attica, on the Akropolis, in the Cyclades, in the Dodecanese, as well as in the North Aegean islands, regions where he conducted excavations and organized museum exhibitions. He has also served as curator of the Prehistoric Collections of the National Archaeological Museum, Athens as well as Director of Antiquities and Director of Conservation at the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Since 1975 is the Director of the Excavations at Akrotiri, Thera (Santorini). Professor Doumas, a well-known Aegean scholar, has published several books and scholarly articles on Aegean archaeology particularly on the Aegean island cultures.

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