Stratos Pantavos

Born in Athens in 1954. Architect, graduated at the ¡Politecnico di Milano¡ in 1979. Lived and worked in Italy till 1985, before establishing in Greece. His expertise regards different aspects of the architectural work: houses, professional spaces, exhibition stands, interior design. His professional studio is locaded in Athens, and he shares his work between the Athens area and the island of Aegina.

As Chair of ¡Active Citizens of Aegina¢ since 2005 he promotes and participates to activities implementing culture and enviroment and quality of life in the island. He is one of the inspirors and funded members of Aegina Fistiki Fest wich became within two years the most important commercial, cultural and recreation event in the Saronic islands. He acted as vice president of the Organising Committee of Aegina Fistiki Fest 2010.

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